I Dreamt of Sausage Reviews for 2nd edition!!

“Survival behavior relates to one’s personality characteristics. Corinna’s book shares many of these factors and makes them easy to understand because she is a native who has lived the problem and can share her experience. It is real and practical and useful for those confronting cancer and other problems.”

The first galleys of the 2nd editions are being worked on! Thanks Balboa Press!

Bernie Siegel, MD author of Faith, Hope & Healing and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul. (Thank you Bernie!)

“This is a MUST-read for anyone dealing with cancer or involved with anyone who is. What do you do when your life is shattered by a cancer diagnosis? What forms of treatment do you choose? Why did you get cancer in the first place? Follow one woman’s amazing journey as she shares her innermost thoughts and feelings on her quests for wellness.”

Carolyn L. Mein, DC, author of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils and Different Bodies, Different Diets (Thank you Carolyn!)

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