Ammaji = Immersed in a bath of chocolate warmth

I have never taken a bath in melted chocolate, but I imagine that it is similar sensory experience to being in Ammaji’s presence. A warm soft bath of delicious love, saturating every pore of one’s being. Warm chocolate oozing between ones toes, warm against ones knees, I would dip my head down and take a […]

Final Push for Solarize Northern Dutchess Campaign

11 Days left on the Solarize Northern Dutchess Campaign! Thank you to all of my fellow volunteers and solar experts! Hooray for the sun! (here is the beautiful press release written by SI….) Opportunity for free estimates on residential panels ends June 30 If someone calls you backward, you might take offense—unless it’s your electric meter […]

Sound Blows my Mind

Learning about sound during my Kundalini Yoga training blew my mind. Therefore, without any further ado. String theory tells us the Universe is comprised of vibrating filaments that make up the blocks that make up atoms (as far as I grok the scene). The building blocks of our entire existence/Universe/World is sound. In the beginning was the Word… Kundalini Yoga […]

Kundalini Yoga and Yoga

So, this discussion will cover three main topics. First ~ yoga: its purpose and benefits. Second ~ what is Kundalini Yoga and the Kundalini Energy. Finally, how does Kundalini Yoga compare to other types of yoga.  Okay – let’s tackle the big elephant first. Yoga: its purpose and benefits. Perhaps your introduction to yoga happened […]

Conscious Discipline rocks my world

Parenthood: the last bastion of amateurism. Thank you Grandfather for the pithy and succinct nugget. Not one that I totally understood until I crossed the threshold into parenthood myself. As the Bean begins to really move into a vocabulary and expressing her wants in a way that is both exciting and can be difficult. Oh […]

Arrogance of Intelligence: Goodbye Rousseau

Intellectual. Smart. Quick. Well-Read. Astute. Sharp. Intellectual acumen creates arrogance. Egoism. Separation from the other person. Impatience. Cruelty. And … generally is not a very nice internal monologue. This leads me why I am so thrilled to have cleared out the books ~ donated today to the local library. Since I finished school I have been dusting off […]